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Equipment Transport


Earth Pro Excavating, LLC operates equipment trailers ideal for transporting backhoes, small and mini excavators, skid steers, and other equipment. We contract with other contractors as well as private equipment owners to get your machine where you need it.

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Phone: (928) 600-0001

Email: ron@earthpro.net

AZROC# B306777

DT-97 Transfer Set


Earth Pro Excavating, LLC operates the only locally owned transfer dump truck. This unit provides us the ability to haul the largest payload capacity (24.5 Tons) of any hauling equipment yet the ability to access areas only accessible by conventional 10 wheel dump trucks. This set is ideal for longer hauls where maximum capacity is needed.

DT-93 Demo Truck


DT-93 is our workhorse. Ideal for demolition hauling, rock hauling, etc. We also utilize this truck for material import for projects closer to town. With competitive hauling rates and quick availability we can move the material you need moved.