Excavation Services

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Utility Repair and Replacement


With the knowledge and proper equipment Earth Pro Excavating can handle all of your underground utility line repairs. We install high quality products that make these the last repair you will need to make for that utility.

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AZROC# B306777

New Construction and Additions


Earth Pro Excavating, LLC offers complete excavation services for new homes and additions. This includes site clearing, building layout, cut and fill, building pad construction, footing excavation, underground utility excavation and installation, precision slab grades, backfil and grading, drainage, and much more. Whether easy digging or excavating through rock we will get your earthwork done.

Grading and Drainage


Grading is one of the many phases of earthwork that truly sets Earth Pro Excavating, LLC above our competition. This includes grading for new construction, regrading for drainage issues, grading for landscaping, grading for parking pads and/or driveways, and any other grading projects. Considering that proper grading allows for proper drainage and that it is the most visible part of earthwork why would you choose anyone but the best?