Building Layout and Site Prep

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Building Layout and Site Prep


Earth Pro Excavating, LLC offers complete packages to complete all site work prior to your foundation contractractor's first day of work onsite. These services include complete and accurate building layout, tree and vegetation removal, cut and/or fill, and footing layout for excavation. We also offer building layout for rebar placement after footing excavation and building layout after footings have been poured.


Imagine the convenience of having your building layout handled by the contractor that will be completing the next two phases of your project. Not only will it expedite your project it will relieve some of the scheduling and oversight burden on you. No more scheduling conflicts involving these trades!


Having equipment onsite adds to the efficiency and safety of felling trees allowing us to handle your site preparation for less. We can chip all of your limbs for mud control or landscaping, we can cut and stack your rounds at specifically lengths for firewood or milling, or if you just want it all gone we can handle that as well. Considering that equipment is required to remove stumps why not choose an excavation contractor who does it all?