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Caterpillar 304CR


The Cat 304 is our reduced access machine. Standing at 6'-6" wide this machine is capable of accessing and working in areas inaccessible by many other machines. It is perfect for working inside stemwalls, in heavily vegetated areas, and accessing through narrow side yards. While small in stature this machine can work with some impressive efficiency.

Caterpillar 420E


Earth Pro Excavating uses the Cat 420 backhoe as a specialty tool. This powerful machine works efficiently to compact fill, transport materials where trucks can't reach, and as a carrier machine for hydraulic breakers.

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Caterpillar 308E2


The Cat 308 is the workhorse of our fleet. This machine stands 8'-6" wide which allows access into most areas and with its reduced tail swing it can work efficiently in tight areas. The productuctivity achieved with this machine is second to none. It is capable of cutting and loading up to 400 cubic yards of material per day into trucks yet has the finess to accurately dig precise footing trenches or delicately handle and place boulders while constructing rock walls. This machine comes equipped with a hydraulic operated thumb, 1200 Lb. class hydraulic breaker, and grading/dozer blade extending its versatility.

DT-97 Transfer Set


Our transfer set is unique to Northern Arizona. This unit allows us to deliver up to 24.5 tons of material per load which is more than even end dumps can legally carry. When long runs or high quantities of material need moved DT-97 is there to handle it.


Bobcat S650


The newest addition to our fleet, hour Bobcat S650 comes with a grader attachment, smooth drum vibrating roller compactor, pallet forks, and a loader bucket. This machine comes equiped with automatic dual slope laser grading for unmatched grading accuracy. This set is ideal for slab grades and other precision grading applications. We also clear snow in Kachina Village with this machine.

Dump Truck DT-93


This 10 wheel dump truck allows us to set our own schedule. While other excavation contractors are scheduling their projects around hauling companies' availability we set our own schedule because our truck is available when we need it. Capable of hauling up to 12 tons of material this truck helps us complete your project efficiently and on time.

The Right Machine For Your Job


Many projects require specialized equipment. Earth Pro Excavating works with multiple rental companies allowing us access most types of equipment made. Some equipment includes:

  • Large Excavators - up to Cat 328
  • Small Mini Excavators
  • Loaders
  • Hydraulic Breakers - Up to 3500 ft/lbs class
  • Compaction Equipment
  • Skip Loaders
  • Skid Steer Loaders